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    Jonathan Blackwell

    GroupID Authenticate in version 8.x supports standards-based (SAML 2.0) for single-sign-on. We support both SP and IdP initiated flows for authentication. You can configure this integration from the Authenticate administration panel. Without a third party SSO implementation, GroupID Authenticate supports SSO between GroupID portals on its own. When using only Authenticate, you can leverage one of the many MFA options with variable enforcement policies including Imanami's PhoneID for mobile push-based authentication. If you use a third party SSO solution (DUO, Ping, Okta, OneLogin, ADFS, Shibloeth, Azure, etc) you can use any of the MFA options that those SSO solutions are able to use.

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    J Galloway

    Where is this documented?  Searching the 8.1 documentation package, this site, and the .chm file in the application I was not able to find anything regarding setting up SAML SSO.  The only info I found was this post, a marketing page and a youtube video with loud music.


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