Applies To:

GroupID 8, 9 and 10 - Self-Service

Business Scenario: 

We would like to allow unauthenticated users to send emails to a distribution list.

Is there a way to clear the Exchange option, “require that all senders are authenticated” for a distribution list using the Self-Service portal?

Default Behavior:

By default, Active Directory does not allow unauthenticated users to send email to a distribution group. However, this can be achieved from the Exchange Management Console.


The msExchRequireAuthToSentTo attribute is responsible for, or can be tweaked, to achieve the desired results. It requires that only authenticated users can send emails to the distribution group.

So if this attribute is exposed in the Self-Service portal on the New Group wizard or in group properties, the user can set its value accordingly to achieve the desired results.

In this article, we will expose the msExhRequireAuthtoSendTo attribute as a check box on the New Group wizard. While creating a distribution group, the user can clear this check box to allow unauthenticated users to send email to this group.


  1. In the GroupID Management Console, select Self-Service > Portals > [required portal] > Designs > [required identity store].
  2. On the Create Object tab, select Group or SmartGroup from the Select Directory Object list and click Add.
  3. Give a name to this category, select a visibility role and click Add.
  4. Select the msExhRequireAuthtoSendTo attribute in the Field list.
  5. Specify a display name for the field, such as Requires that all senders are authenticated.
  6. From the Display Type list, select Check.
  7. Select the Default value is checked and is Required check boxes.
  8. Click OK and save the configuration.

Launch the Self-Service portal and create a distribution group. You will find a new page added to the wizard with the Requires that all senders are authenticated check box. Clear this check box to allow unauthenticated users to send email to this distribution group.


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