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GroupID 8 and above


We would like to use SSL default port bindings with the Self-Service portal (443) instead of the GroupID default port bindings (4443).


By default, the GroupID server is configured with port bindings set to 4443 for HTTPS and another randomized port for HTTP. GroupID Data-Service and portals, such as the Self-Service portals, are also created and configured to work with the same port bindings. However, some customer environments and policies might have exceptions and require different port combinations, which can be accomplished, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the changes.

This article explains how port bindings can be changed to the default https port (443) without any disruption in the configured services.

To see the default configurations, go to: 
IIS Manager > Sites > GroupIDSite > Right Click > Edit Bindings > Site Bindings dialog box.

Notice that the port number for HTTP is set to a random port and for HTTPS you will always find 4443 (default setting).

With this default configuration, the URL of Self-Service portals will be:

Business Scenario:

Now let’s suppose that you have a portal called FFFT with the URL: https://demo-8s:4443/ffft/ as per default configurations. Now you want to change the port bindings and set them to port 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS. There are three steps involved.

Change Ports in IIS:

Close GroupID Management Console and go to IIS Manager > Sites > GroupIDSite > Edit Bindings > Site Bindings dialog box.

  • Select http > Edit > Edit Site Bindings dialog box > Change the port number to 80.
  • Select https > Edit > Edit Site Bindings dialog box > Change the port number to 443.

    After making the changes, the Site Bindings dialog box is as:

    Close the dialog box to save the configuration.

Re-configure GroupID:

Restart the IIS server and launch GroupID Management Console. This will also launch the GroupID Configuration Tool. Click Next until you reach the GroupID Services Configuration page, like the one shown below. In Advanced Options, set the Port Number to 443 and Host Name to the GroupID server name. Click Next to proceed until you finish the wizard.

Update the Database Record for the Old Portals:

Open SQL Management Studio > Databases > [your GroupID Database] > Tables > SVC Client > Edit Top 200 Rows.

Look for the record with your portal name, which is FFFT in our example. You will see that the URLs in the Return URL, Error URL and Realm columns still have the port number 4443. Simply edit and remove the port number part from the URLs, as shown in the image below:

Save the changes and go to your Self-Service portal that was created with the old bindings. Notice that the port number from the URL is gone.
The URL that was https://demo-8s:4443/ffft/ is now https://demo-8s/ffft/.

Launch the portal and login.


GroupID Installation & Configuration Guide

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