Applies To:

GroupID 8 and above - Self-Service & Automate

Business Requirement:

When Helpdesk or Self-Service administrators make changes to an object's profile using the portal, we would like to inform the object through an email notification.


This business requirement can be achieved by applying a notification setting for the identity store.

  1. In GroupID Management Console, click the Identity Stores node.
  2. On the Identity Stores tab, double-click the required identity store to open its properties.
  3. Select the Configurations tab and then click Notification in the left pane.
  4. On the Notification page, select the Notify object being modified check box to send email notifications to an object (group, user, contact) that is modified.

  5. Click Apply and then OK.

More Information:

With the Notify object being modified check box selected, the respective object (group, user, contact) receives an email notification of any changes that any user makes to it.

  • For a group, group members are notified.
  • For a user or contact, the particular user or contact is notified about the changes.

Notifications are generated for the following events:

  • When a group is renewed or its expiry policy is changed.
  • When the membership of a static group or Smart Group is changed.
  • When the properties or attributes of a group, user or contact are modified.
  • When any Active Directory or GroupID pseudo attribute is modified by a GroupID scheduled job.
Note: For notifications to be sent, an SMTP server must be configured for the identity store.

Impact on the Self-Service portal:

In the example below, a user changes the Notes field and Home phone of a user account in Active Directory.

The user account that has been modified will get an email notification for the changes made to his or her account.


GroupID Online Help topic: Configuring an SMTP server