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GroupID Automate & Management Shell

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We would like to import multiple criteria-based dynamic groups using a CSV source file. Is this possible?

More Information:

A Smart Group is a conventional distribution or security group that dynamically maintains its membership based on specified criteria. A Smart Group can be created, modified and updated using GroupID Management Console, Management Shell, and the Self-Service portal, where GroupID Management Shell is used for bulk operations.

The New-SmartGroup PowerShell cmdlet is used to create a Smart Group. The example below creates a new mail-enabled, universal, distribution Smart Group in the container specified by the OrganizationalUnit parameter, using the credentials of the user currently logged-on to the identity store.

New-SmartGroup -OrganizationalUnit "OU=Recruiting,DC=HR,DC=Imanami,DC=US" -Name "Smart_Training" -GroupAlias "Smart_Training" -MailEnable True -SamAccountName "Smart_Training" -GroupScope "Universal Group" -Type "Distribution"

For more information, type the cmdlet - get-help New-SmartGroup –Full - at the Windows prompt.

A sample CSV file with group name and criteria is shown below.

You can use it to import groups and their criteria using the cmdlet below.

Import-Csv "c:\smartgroups.csv" | ForEach-Object {New-SmartGroup -Name $_.Name –MailEnable True -OrganizationalUnit "OU=Demo Groups,DC=demo,DC=com " –SamAccountName $_.Name -groupType "Distribution" -GroupScope "Universal Group" -SecurityType "Public" –LdapFilter $_.LDAP -IncludeRecipients " CN=AlbertManson,OU=Demo Users,DC=demo,DC=com " -ExcludeRecipients "CN=AbbeyTucker,OU=Demo Users,DC=demo,DC=com" ; Update-Group -identity $_.Name;}


Multiple switches used in this command are explained below:

$_.Name Represents the first column, Name, in the source file.
–MailEnable True Setting this switch to True allows us to create mail enabled groups.
$_.LDAP Represents the second column in the source file that contains the criteria.
-IncludeRecipients Include exceptions not falling under the criteria.
-ExcludeRecipients Exclude exceptions not falling under the criteria.

For further information about GroupID Management Shell commandlets and switches, check our GroupID Management Shell User Guide.


GroupID Management Shell User Guide

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