Applies To:

GroupID 9 and 10 - Automate

Business Scenario:

Is there a way to assign/restrict specific users from sending emails to a Dynasty?

More Information:

A Dynasty is a Smart Group that creates and manages other Smart Groups using information in the directory. Dynasties help you manage large distribution lists by creating hierarchical group structures that represent your organization. The Smart Groups that the Dynasty creates are called child groups and become members of their respective parent Dynasty.


Using GroupID, it is possible to restrict the emails sent to a Dynasty. For example: I want to allow only Abbey Crawford to send emails to a Dynasty named Ferrari-NewGroup_Custom.

This requirement can be achieved by doing the following:

  1. In GroupID Management Console, select Automate > All Groups > Dynasties.
  2. Right-click the Ferrari-NewGroup_Custom Dynasty and select Properties.

  3. On the Properties dialog box, click the Exchange General tab.

  4. In the Message Restrictions section, you will see 3 types of filters, which control who can and cannot send email messages to a group/Dynasty.

    • Quick Filter (default filter)
    • Accept Messages (to allow all or specific users/groups to send emails to the Dynasty)
    • Reject Messages (to restrict specific users/groups from sending emails to the Dynasty)
  5. In Accept Messages, select the Only From option button and click Add.

  6. On the Find dialog box, search Abbey Crawford, add the account to the list and click OK.

  7. Apply the settings and click OK.

These steps can be followed to allow/restrict any specific user or group to send emails to a Dynasty.

Points to remember:

Before performing the steps given above, make sure that the following properties are present:

  1. On the Dynasty Properties dialog box, click the GroupID tab. Then click Options in the Advanced section.


    On the Advanced tab of the Dynasty Options dialog box, make sure that the Always Inherit Selected Attributes option button is selected.

  2. Next, in GroupID Management Console, select the Identity Stores node.Then right-click an identity store and click Properties.

    On the Configurations tab, select Dynasties. Make sure authOrig and unauthOrig are present under Selected Attributes. These attributes control authentication, which is vital to apply a restriction or rule to Dynasties, like the scenario discussed in this article.