Applies To:

GroupID 7, 8, 9, 10 - Self-Service

Business Scenario:

Only a handful of users in an organization are system administrators while others are end users, with limited access rights and privileges on the network. Needless to say, these end users do not have access to the directory (such as Active Directory) or other resources that would help them determine precisely what access rights they enjoy to organizational resources.

We want end users to know which directory groups (both distribution lists and security groups) they are members of, so that they should actively decide which memberships they want to keep or abandon.


The GroupID Self-Service portal enables users to view the directory groups they are members of. Users can also view group properties and choose to leave a group.


  1. Log into the GroupID Self-Service portal.
  2. Click Groups in the left pane and then select the My Memberships tab.

    This page lists all groups that you (i.e., the logged in user) are a member of.

    Click the display name of a group to view its properties.

    The actions that a user can perform for a group depends on his or her rights and privileges in GroupID. For example, your rights determine whether you can edit group properties.


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