Applies To:

GroupID 8, 9, 10 - Self-Service

Business Scenario:

We would like to enable end-users in the Self-Service portal to get a list of all the semi-private groups in the directory, so that they can select group(s) and request to join them. How can users search or list all the semi-private groups in the portal?

More Information:

Group security type (private, semi-private, and public) is GroupID’s pseudo property of a group. It determines the privilege of end-users to join/leave a group.

  • Private Group: only the group owner can add or remove members from the group. Requests to join or leave the group cannot be submitted.
  • Semi-Private Group: requests to join or leave the group can be sent to the group owner.
  • Public Group: a public group is open to all users. Users can join and leave a public group without requiring owner permission.

In this article, we will discuss how we can create a search in the Self-Service portal based on group security type.

Steps to Add the Group Security field to the Search Form:

  1. In GroupID Management Console, select Self-Service > Portals > [required portal] > Designs.

  2. Select the name of an identity store. This will take you to the design settings that can be implemented in the Self-Service portal for the identity store.

  3. On the Search Forms tab, select Default and click Edit.

  4. A dialog box is displayed with a list of fields on the search form and its corresponding search results page. In the Search Form section, click Add.

  5. From the Field drop-down list, select XGroupSecurity and specify a display name for it.

  6. From the Display Type list, select lstSecurity and click OK.

  7. Save the changes.
    This will add the Group Security field on the Advanced Search page of the Self-Service portal.

In GroupID 8:

In GroupID 10: