Applies To:

GroupID 8 and above

Business Scenario:

We need to move the GroupID SQL database to another SQL server. Is there anything special that needs to be done? And what are the supported versions of SQL Server with GroupID?

Supported SQL Versions:

See Hardware and Database requirements for GroupID.

You can move/upgrade a database to the same or new SQL version. There is no backward compatibility once you upgrade to a later version.


There are two methods to move your GroupID Database to another SQL Server.


After moving your database to another SQL Server, follow these steps to point your GroupID instance to a new SQL Server instance.

  1. Run GroupID Configuration Tool on the GroupID server machine.
  2. On the Database Settings page, provide the new SQL Server information.

  3. After providing this information, click Configure.
  4. When configuration completes, launch GroupID.



GroupID Installation and Configuration Guide

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