Applies To:

GroupID 10

Problem Statement:

While configuring GroupID 10.1 with an Azure SQL PaaS instance, we encountered an error. 

This usually happens when the Azure SQL server does not accept the command by the configuration wizard and an SQL database update error is shown.


To resolve the issue, do the following:

  1. Go to the installation directory of GroupID:
    C:\Program Files\Imanami\GroupID 10.0\Scripts\GroupID.CreateUpdateDatabase.sql
  2. Run this script either using SQL management studio or Azure Query editor by selecting the current database.

  3. Once the first part is done, use the second script to run at the Azure SQL database:
    INSERT INTO System.DBInfo (DBVersion, CreatedTime, CreatedBy, UpdatedTime, UpdatedBy) 
    VALUES('10.0.44', GETDATE() , 'DomainName\ServiceAccount', GETDATE(), 'DomainName\ServiceAccount') 
    Important: Change 'DomainName\ServiceAccount' with the proper FQDN domain name and service account.  

    For example, in my case it is ai.lab\admin, so I would change it to:

    VALUES('10.0.44', GETDATE() , 'ai.lab\admin', GETDATE(), 'ai.lab\admin')