Applies To:

GroupID 8.x - Synchronize

Business Scenario:

In GroupID Synchronize, several AD attributes are represented with a different display name. We can view the display name and AD attribute mapping, but we want to export this mapping to a printable file. Is there any option to do so?

More Information:

When using AD as a source/destination, GroupID Synchronize provides user-friendly display names for several common AD attributes. We can view these as well as export these to an XLS file.


Following are the steps to do so.

  1. In GroupID Management Console, expand the Synchronize node, right-click All Jobs and select New Job.

  2. On the Job Template page, click Next.

  3. On the Select Source page, specify a data source and enter connection information as required.

  4. Click the Advanced button.
    It opens the Advanced window, that displays the AD attributes with their user-friendly display names.

  5. Click Save to save the display names to a list.

  6. Select All files in the Save as Type box.

  7. In the File name box, provide a name for the file and specify xls as its extension.

  8. Click Save.
    Content displayed on the Advanced window will be saved as a list to an XLS file.