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GroupID 8, 9 and 10 - Synchronize

Business Case:

I want to use GroupID Synchronize to sync the users' telephone numbers to Active Directory’s telephoneNumber attribute. But on the Select Destination Fields page of the synchronization job wizard, I cannot locate the telephoneNumber attribute. Do you have a user-friendly name for the attribute on this page?


GroupID Synchronize detects the Active Directory schema. On the Select Destination page of the Synchronize job wizard, click the Advanced button to view a list of Active Directory attributes with their user-friendly display names.

The Settings tab displays the connections settings in key-value pairs. The Key column displays the setting name and the Value column shows its current value. Double-click a value to modify it.

Schema settings allow you to modify the user-friendly display names and actual attribute names coming from the selected source or destination provider. You can also save your schema settings to an XML file, which you can use to import the schema for providers in other jobs that you define. See How-To: Export the Display names of AD attributes used in GroupID Synchronize.

Once you are aware of the attributes present in Synchronize, you will be able to find an attribute's user-friendly name in the Advanced Connection Properties dialog box. In our case, the telephoneNumber attribute is displayed as Office Phone in the All Fields list.

Some examples of attributes with a different display name are as follows:

Display Name Field Name
City l
Common Name (CN) cn
Country co
Country Abbreviation c
Country Code countryCode
Email mail
E-mail addresses proxyAddresses
First Name givenName
Last Name sn
Other Home Phone otherHomePhone
Other IP Phone otherIpPhone
Other Mobile Phone otherMobile
Other Office Phone otherTelephone
Other Pager otherPager
Other Web Page url
P.O.Box postOfficeBox
Sam Account Name sAMAccountName
State st
Web Page wWWHomePage
Zip/PostalCode postalCode
Custom Attribute n extensionAttributen

(For Custom Attribute n and extensionAttribute n, n is any number.)

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