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GroupID 8-10 (Automate & Self-Service)


GroupID classifies groups into two broad categories: Unmanaged and Managed.

More Information:

Unmanaged Groups

An unmanaged group, also called a static group, is one you would normally create in a directory (for example, by using the Users and Computers option in Active Directory). Though such groups can be created using GroupID Automate and Self-Service, GroupID does not support dynamic updates to them. Any changes to the membership have to be done manually.

Managed Groups

A managed group, also known as a Smart Group, is one that dynamically maintains its membership based on rules. These rules are applied in the form of a user-defined LDAP query. This query is defined once and scheduled for membership update using a Smart Group Update job. When the Smart Group Update job runs, it applies the defined rules to update the group's memberships.

This automated group management allows administrators to easily maintain large distribution lists and security groups without having to manually add or remove members.

You can create and manage Smart Groups using GroupID Automate and the Self-Service portal.


GroupID Online Help topic: Group Classification