Applies To: 

GroupID 9 and 10.

Problem Statement:

When we install the new GroupID Server or change the JAVA settings, sometimes we face the error “Missing JAVA Runtime Environment. Please run GroupID Pre-Requisite tool first to install this pre-requisite” when we open the GroupID configuration tool.


  1. Check the JAVA Version: 
    Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and check the JAVA version that the installed JAVA version supports the current GroupID version. For GroupID 10, it must be 8.0.1710.11

  2. Check the JAVA Home Entry in the Environment Variables:
    Go to This PC > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced >Environment Variable.

    Verify that the JAVA_HOME Entries are present in both “User Variables for Administrator” and “System Variables”. If not then add the entries there.

  3. Check the Region:
    Go to the Control PanelLanguage, and Region > Region.
    If the Format and Region is other than English (United States) then change it to English (United States).
    1. Go to Formats and change the format to English (United States).

    2. Go to Location and change the home location to “United States”.

    3. Go to Administrative > Copy Settings > Check the last two check boxes comes under Copy your current settings to> Ok.

    4. Go to Administrative > Change system locale and change the system locale to English (United States) and Restart the server.

Try to Run the Configuration tool after checking and implementing all the above mentioned steps.

Verify Registry keys
Version in the Java Runtime Environment > CurrentVersion which sometimes causes issues with the GroupID configuration tool and prompt you an alert " Missing Java Runtime Environment 8". To avoid any compatibility issues and fix that error with the GroupID configuration tool simply change the value of Java RunTime Environment > currentversion to "1.8" as shown in the figure below. This problem may occur when you migrate from JAVA to Azul Zulu.