Applies To:

GroupID 10


GroupID generates hundreds of email notifications on different events. By default, the GroupID logo is displayed on all notifications. This logo is fully customizable and brandable. You can change it according to your environment to create a unified experience for your users.

Logo Specifications:

The image file to replace the default logo should have the following specifications:

  • File format: GIF
  • Dimensions (width x height): 224 x 57 pixels

You can use any imaging software to convert your logo file to the given format and dimensions.

Steps to Change the Logo in Email Notifications:

  1. Go to the location:

    [GroupID installation drive]:\Program Files\Imanami\GroupID 10\GroupIDServices\Notifications\Templates\images\
  2. Take a backup of the header.gif file to back up the existing logo.

  3. Copy your new logo file to this location and rename it to header.gif. This will change the logo to your desired one in all the email notifications from GroupID.

  4. In GroupID Management Console, navigate to Notifications > Notification Editor.

  5. Open any notification template and verify if the logo has changed.

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