Applies To:

GroupID 10 – GroupID Management Shell

Business Case:

We have created a custom script using GroupID Management Shell. To run that script, we have to open GroupID Management Shell, copy-paste the script to the window, and then run the cmdlets. This process requires human intervention. Is there any way to run these Management Shell scripts automatically using the Task Scheduler?


This requirement can be achieved using two files:

  • ImanamiSmartScript.ps1
  • Shell_Imanami_Shell.bat

These files are zipped into one and attached to this KB article.


  1. Download the attached .zip file and extract it at the desired location.

  2. Open Shell_Imanami_Shell.bat with Notepad or Wordpad.

  3. Now replace the yellow highlighted text with the complete path where you have placed the downloaded files.

  4. Open the ImanamiSmartScript.ps1 file with Notepad or Wordpad and scroll to the end of the file.

  5. Replace the yellow highlighted text with the Management Shell script you have written.

  6. Now open Task Scheduler and create a task.

  7. In the Actions tab of the New Task dialog box, give the path of the Shell_Imanami_Shell.bat file.

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