Applies To:

GroupID 10 – Synchronize

Problem Statement:

We have some direct reports whose managers are present in child domains within the same forest whereas the direct reports themselves are present in the parent domain. We want to populate the Manager attribute of these direct reports in bulk. Is there a way to achieve this with GroupID?


GroupID Synchronize can be used to populate the Manager attribute of the direct reports using the Resolve Transform. By default, the Resolve Transform searches for the accounts within the same domain (destination). However, we can extend its search scope to include the whole forest.

Note:Before making any changes to the current environment, it is highly recommended to create a backup/snapshot/checkpoint of your GroupID server.


  1. On the GroupID server, navigate to:

    C:\Program Data\Imanami\GroupID 10.0\Synchronize\Jobs\
  2. Locate the .dtmcnfig file for the Synchronize job for which you want to enhance the transform function to resolve globally.

  3. Open the file with Notepad and add the following lines where the “Settings” end.


  4. Now launch GroupID Management Console.

  5. Go to the Synchronize node > All Jobs and open the job for which we modified the .dtmconfig file.

  6. Set the Resolve Transform on the Field Mappings page accordingly by providing a source field and a destination field.

  7. Save the changes and preview the job.
    Your job should now start to resolve the Manager attribute globally throughout the forest for the respective direct reports.
Note:In case you run into problems, contact