Applies To:

GroupID 10 – GroupID Management Shell

Problem Statement:

We have a use case where we want to create Flat Managerial dynasty groups in bulk for all managers in the organization. Is there a way to create dynasties in bulk?


It is possible to create Flat Managerial dynasties in bulk using GroupID Management Shell.

  • Before making any changes to the current environment, it is highly recommended to create a backup/snapshot/checkpoint of the GroupID server.
  • It is recommended to test the below-provided method on a small scale and once satisfied, use it to create the dynasties in bulk.


  1. Create a CSV file with the columns consisting of the names of the groups to be created, manager DNs, and LDAP criteria (if required), as shown below:

  2. Once the CSV file is ready, open GroupID Management Shell and run the following cmdlet:

    Import-CSV "FILE PATH" | ForEach-Object {New-Dynasty -OrganizationalUnit "CONTAINER DISTINGUISHED NAME" -SamAccountName $_.Name -Name $_.Name -GroupScope "Universal Group" -Type "Distribution" -SecurityType "Private" -TopManager $_.Manager -CreateFlatManagerialList "True" -LdapFilter $_.Criteria -ObjectTypes "Users" -GroupAlias $_.Name -MailEnabled "True"}

    The above script is customized to create universal Flat Managerial dynasty distribution lists. You can change the group scope and type according to your requirements.

  3. After the dynasties are created, you have to update them to populate the membership. You can do it either through GroupID Management Console or GroupID Management Shell. To update membership using Management Shell, use the following cmdlet:

    Import-CSV "FILE PATH"|ForEach-Object {Update-Group -Identity $_.Name}
  4. When done, verify the properties of the Dynasties in GroupID Management Console to check if everything is in order.

Note:In case you run into problems, contact


  • GroupID Automate - User Guide