Applies To:

GroupID 10 – GroupID Management Shell

Problem Statement:

We want to set the expiration policy for groups in bulk rather than setting it individually for each group.


We can use GroupID Management Shell to set the expiration policy for groups in bulk.

  • Before making any changes to the current environment, it is highly recommended to create a backup/snapshot/checkpoint of the GroupID server.
  • It is also recommended to test the below-provided method on a small scale and once satisfied, use it in bulk.


  1. Launch GroupID Management Shell and export the Common Names of all the groups we want to apply the expiration policy to a CSV file using the following cmdlet:

    Get-group | Select CN | Export-csv "PATH TO EXPORT FILE" -NoTypeInformation

    Or to limit the export to a certain OU, use the following cmdlet:

    Get-group -SearchContainer "DN of the OU" | Select CN | Export-csv "PATH TO EXPORT FILE" -NoTypeInformation
  2. Then import the CSV file and set the expiration policy accordingly using the following cmdlet:

    Foreach($d in $data) {Set-Group -Identity $d.Cn -ExpirationPolicy "120" -ExtendGroupLife}
    Where 120 represents the number of days before expiration. You can change its value as required.
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