Applies To:

GroupID 10 - Synchronize

Business Requirement:

We want to populate multiple email addresses for a user as proxy addresses in the mail attribute.


We will use a GroupID Synchronize job to achieve this business requirement. To populate a multi-value attribute, we need a delimiter to separate the different values that have to be assigned to it. For this article, we will use a semi-colon (;) as the delimiter.


  1. First, you need to define a delimiter in Synchronize. For that, click the Configuration node in GroupID Management Console. Select Modify User Options, expand Synchronize, and click Delimiter. Type the delimiter, for example, (;) in the given box and click Add. Then click OK.

  2. Go to the Synchronize node to create your Synchronize job. On the Select Fields page, add the E-mail addresses attribute.


  3. On the Field Map(s) page, click the drop down in the Delimiter column and select the semicolon (;) from the list of delimiters for the E-mail addresses field.


  4. In the Transform column, click the Browse button next to the E-mail addresses field.

  5. On the Transform dialog box, select the transform you want to apply. To apply a script, select the Script option and add any VB script to populate the mail attribute with multiple email addresses. In the script, make sure that the email addresses are separated by the delimiter (;).


  • GroupID Administration Guide
  • Synchronize User Guide